Honda Care

Honda Care Vehicle Service Contracts (VSCs) Keep You Covered – Part by Part


Even though Honda is known for its long-term reliability, it’s good to know that you have an extra measure of protection for your investment. With Honda Care, your vehicle is protected in its most critical areas.

Honda Care Vehicle Service Contracts can cover repairs for virtually every component* of your vehicle even after the original factory warranty has expired. If anything should go wrong with the vehicle’s drivetrain, the navigation system, then Honda Care can cover the repair, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. This coverage can provide you with some piece of mind since you know you are covered for the unexpected.


If your Honda vehicle has fewer than 36,000 miles and is less than 36 months old, you can protect your investment with Honda Care. With Honda Care, you’ll never be travelling alone. This exclusive Honda factory-backed protection package is also transferable, and is ideal for those who want to an extra measure of security for their automotive investment.

Choose from four levels of coverage:

  • New Vehicle Coverage
  • Pre-Owned Coverage
  • Certified Additional Coverage
  • Powertrain Coverage
*Exclusions include, but are not limited to, body parts, tires, maintenance items, glass, trim, carpeting and ornamentation. Refer to your Honda Care VSC booklet for contract and coverage terms. Components listed are covered when vehicle is driven under normal conditions.

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